The quality assurance policy of the company is aimed at providing satisfaction to the end –users with the
products installed and the services rendered. The objectives of the quality assurances are achieved by :-
a) Supply quality products strictly as per the specifications.
b) Buying the products from the local dealers as far as possible.
c) Careful transportation, handling and storage of the products.
d) Providing competent supervision and deploying trained personnel for installation.
Forty percent of our workmen are working with us for last 10 years and have enough
experience in installation of the products we deal in.
e) Strictly following directions for installation of the product, as specified by the product
f) Following Consultant’s specification for installation.
g) Following ‘good work practice’ .
h) Providing usage information and guidance to the end- user wherever required.
i) Attending promptly the calls from end-user / client even after the specified maintenance
Through implementation of the Quality Assurance Policy on a particular project , whole organization is
involved as a team to achieve desired results. It is due to the successful implementation of the Quality
Assurance Policy that we are able to gain customers confidence which is evident from the repeat orders
which we have received from them.